Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Because I needed to write some marshmallow chick-lit for a few minutes

He laughs at that. “Come here.”

Feet propped up on the coffee table, I fold my arms and tilt my head back saucily, staring him down. “Doubtful.”

He narrows his eyes. “Amy.”

I glare back at him, loving the way he turns my name into two threateningly low syllables. “I’m terrified.”

“You should be.”

My muscles almost eject me from the chair at that. So. Weak. “Careful, I might die of fright here.”

He pushes off his stool at the counter with one smooth movement, eyes dancing with mischief. “Amy. Come here.”

The thing I hate about this is he knows I’ll eventually cave. I can say ‘no’ to anyone. I’ve said no to students, children, parents, and the leader of a sorority, which took more guts than I'd need to turn down President Obama.

I think I’ve said no to the guy over there grinning at me. Twice. Ever. And the thing is, half the time I start out with the intention of saying no, but somehow I end up saying yes, knowing I’m choosing to say yes, and wishing I could do otherwise. It’s like mind control or something, and I totally don’t have the same effect on him. Not fair, anyone?

I lean my head until it rests on the back of the chair. “I hate you.”

He laughs again. “No you don’t.”

He knows that all too well, and he makes sure I know he knows. I sigh and get up, watching that irritating little grin on his face grow with each step I take. “You suck.”

He pulls me in and tips my chin up with one hand. “But you love me anyway.”

And then for a few minutes I'm not even thinking anymore. When we surface for air, my head spins like a psychotic merry-go-round as I wrap my arms around his waist. Wowzaaaaa. “You are so bossy,” I mutter, head against his chest.

His breath is warm on the side of my face, and I can hear the grin in his voice. “Face it, you love it when I boss you around.”

Painfully so, and I will never admit it.

“Admit it.”

“True,” I say.

He laughs. “Told ya.”

I groan.



So yeah, I suck at updating. Sorry about that. Hope this made up for it :-)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

you and i

You and I
shall first be friends
talking of cinema and sports
over lattes in coffee-scented air,
dining with other friends
anywhere and everywhere
crunching dry leaves underfoot
sharing secrets only
you and I
and the fall trees shall know.

And someday
you and I
will drive north-side of the state
and after sun has set
drive far from town light
and through the gate
into the fields of just-cut grain
park my car
and spread the old goosedown comforter
on the packed dirt.

And as the stars rise
and we lay under the endless dome of black sky
heads propped on balled blankets
eyes adjusting
we shall talk of anything
and everything
of Vulcan and Venus
of Hera and Zeus
and I shall try to remember if Saturn is Kronos
and Neptune is Poseidon
and you shall say yes, and query
Athena’s Roman name.

And as the soft crickets sing
and thumbnail of white moon shines
I shall reminisce of my grandmother
calling satellites ‘he’
and Andromeda ‘she’
and you shall smile and point out
Orion and his belt.

And as the velvet breeze brushes our faces
soothing and dry
and the Big Dipper shines
we shall speak of dreams
I of publishing
and justice
and adventure
you of something
I know not yet
but someday will.

And as faint clouds of the Milky Way
texture the sky
and satellites flit across the black
and as the night grows cooler,
you shall smile and hand me your jacket
and I will smell the spice of your cologne on my shirt.

And as meteors shine for an instant and vanish
planes dart across the sky
constellations wheel round
shooting stars flash
I dare a wish already true
that perhaps
you and I
shall fall
in love