Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No. not supposed to be a chick flick.

It's not my life I'm talking about. It's someone else's. But really. It just isn't right.

So yes. I have been absent a long time. I want to be better about posting once a week, at least. Even if it's just a little snippet of something interesting.

I have no concerted brain function tonight. So here is my random:

Right now I'm listening to John Mayer. One of my suitemates loves his music. I've never really listened. It's pretty mellow acoustic stuff. I like it, but Five Times August is better. . Let me know what you think of that. (The funny thing is, I know the red-head kid who plays the bully in this video. It's kind of funny. Because in real life, he is a cross-country kid who weighs about 130 pounds, and is so not a bully. He does a good enough job at being obnoxious though... :P)

Boys can be so stupid.

So, so stupid.

Like, I want to slap the whole lot of them multiple times stupid.

I am going to try to graduate a semester early. Yay! Not that I don't like college, I do. But it's a small school, and it's such a big world, and I am ready to not be in school, or at least, doing a more self-guided master's program. Possibly creative writing master's at Seattle Pacific University. :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Chick flicks

(I am at a friend's apartment with five other girls. I am forced to watch While You Were Sleeping. Total chick flick. Have I expressed my opinions on chick flicks? 98% of them should be burned. Banned. At the very least, not elaborated upon in my presence. Don't ask me why I think most chick flicks are unrealistic, yet I will happily watch LOTR or Star Trek. It's that LOTR and Star Trek never pretend to be realistic or in this world. They are admittedly IN different worlds. Maybe chick flicks are too, but arghughblah).

Friend 1: we should watch another movie.

Friends 2-5 + me: Sure! (Me: *recalling friend 1 talking about watching Eagle Eye after WYWS, and thinking 'thank you, Jesus, an action movie to purge my system of the unrealism!*)

(about an hour later)

Friend 2: we should watch another movie!

Friends 1-5 + me: Awesome! Put one in! (We are all brain-dead, haven't you guessed? It's finals week.)

Friend 1: *starts digging through massive collection of movies* Let me get out The Holiday.

Me: *swears under breath*
*okay, not literally*

Friend 1: *still digging* "Aw, rats, did I take that home?"

Me: *looking studiously at facebook and praying she took it home*

Friend 1: "Well, I guess I"ll put in Eagle Eye."

Me: *cheers!cheers!cheers!* *all silently*

Friend 1: "Oh, look! Here The Holiday is! I don't know how I missed it!"

*again, not really*
*searches in Google*
*loads Underworld in second window of Firefox*
*thanks the Lord for movies with guns, action, and unrealism that knows it is unrealism and does not masquerade as realism*
*types blog post ranting against chick flicks while Underworld loads*