Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Finals happened. Life happened. I'm still here. Bewildered and confused? (To borrow from Shannon Hale) Like an unsteady Jenga tower in relation to sanity? Yeah. But I am here, darn it!

(And now to borrow from Cuil)

Things That are Making Me Happy:

- The smell of sandalwood

- Capital Letters

- Shannon Hale's posts about her twins (Go read those posts and try not to squeal/cry.)

- My seester :) She's pretty awesome. Besides, we have a practical joke going down tomorrow, and there just aren't many other people with whom I could plan such things.

- My blogger twins :)

- Guys' jackets

- Neon-colored socks for Christmas (they're so darn happy)

- Whipped cream (seriously, that stuff is amazing)

- Being able to revise some writing/add to it - it's the first time I've worked on any project of any length in ages, and for a few hours, I was able to just write without thinking about it.

- Little compliments (it's amazing how nice it feels to know someone noticed you doing something well. Makes me want to pass the compliments along. :)

- In the midst of a lot of uncertainty, being able to stumble into a few moments of undiluted peace.


Holly said...

my gosh, I know. those babies are too precious.

Priya said...

Whipped cream is amazing. :)

Gretchen said...

You know what makes me happy? The fact that I get to meet you someday soon-ish.

Edge said...

Holly - I want them. So much.

Priya - Especially peppermint whipped cream. Someone at Borden is a genius.

Gretchen - OH MY GOSH. I just flailed a little with happiness. I can't wait!! :D

Julia said...

nice to have you back! finals are hell sometimes. :)