Friday, June 19, 2009


So, all you writers out there (and I know there are lots of you) - I have a prompt/challenge for you.

What happens to all the socks that go missing between the washer and the drier?

You have 800 words maximum. Post your response and let me know when you have. I look forward to reading, and will post my own story too.

(There is a rumor the wonderful Miss Erin may or may not be writing a story with the opening line "I eat them." I dare you to top that!)


Q said...

Can I write a poem please?

Araken said...

After giving the topic some thought, I have come to the following conclusions:

The whirling motions of the washing machine, when in combination with the additions of heat and pressure, not to mention XCEL Mountain Fresh fabric softener, creates a vortex effect that effectively transports the sock (or socks) into the fifth dimension, beyond the reach of time, the fourth dimension.

However, all this cannot happen on its own. Careful research leads me to believe that the instigator of this curious phenomenon is indeed none other than Elvis Presley and Bigfoot, who operate their schemes from their flying saucer anchored in the fifth dimension. As they are not mortal beings, they are able to conduct this insidious plot in order to gather enough socks to hold a rock concert at the end of time. Why socks? Simple.

Due to the strains of interdimensional travel, Elvis and Bigfoot lost their socks, being all shook up, uh-huh-oh, yeah. Thus, they began their journey, taking in whatever socks they could. Also, the planned concert at the end of time will be so intense that all the dancing will result in massive breaches in common sock structure, requiring enormous stockpiles of extra socks.

Fueling their flying saucer with E85 ethanol created from plants harvested at K-Mart (usually ferns as the grass don’t pay no mind), Elvis and Bigfoot continue to pop up here and there, though much less frequently as of late, what with their plans coming to fruition (the end of the world never does seem to get any farther away).

Remember, the concert is at the end of the world, good seats all available.

Priya said...

Should I post my response in this comments section or on my blog?

Erin said...

Dude, way to put pressure on me!!
hmmm. *thinks*

Edge said...

Q: Rock on!

Araken: Awesome *grins*. One of my facebook people wrote a response already. I may have to post that on here.

Priya: Whichever you wish. After I've gotten all the responses, I'll post them all on my blog.

The lovely Miss Erin: No worries. It is only a rumor, and may or may not be substantiated ;-)

Priya said...

I've posted up my response!