Monday, June 1, 2009

Thoughts on New Moon Trailer

I watched it a few minutes ago. Oh, the melodrama! I'll go watch it for the fight scenes and to laugh at the wrong parts (Yes. I am one of those anti-Twilight people). My thoughts:

1. Why did that selfish, sexy (not) beast Edward Cullen interfere when Jasper leapt at Bella? He would have killed her, and we wouldn't have to suffer through three more movies'-worth of female hysteria over Robert Pattison.

2. Smart, Bella, after your super-hot immortal boyfriend (who is, beyond my comprehension, still using the same hairdresser) ditches you in the forest, without even having the decency to walk/fly you home, you curl up in the middle of the trees and sob. Don't you remember him saying (a few times) "I'm not the most dangerous thing out there"?

3. Jacob with short hair and bare torso = hot. Good move on the producer's part. The long hair wasn't cutting it for me. No pun intended.

4. Technically, Jacob is not a werewolf. According to most classic lore, werewolves are half-human, half-wolf monsters. Jacob is a shape-shifter. I have a friend whose novel is centered around werewolves, and early on, she straightened out my conception of werewolves.

5. Melodrama is not my thing.


Judi said...

Oh come can't be serious about the sexy (not) thing..
And sure, I would be okay if Edward hadn't have stopped Jasper..that would mean that I could have a shot at Edward :D

Madison said...

I totally would have let Jasper eat Bella too. Maybe then he could look less uncomfortable. And totally agreed on point 2. I mean, seriously, Bella. Grow a backbone.

And TOTALLY agreed on point 3.

And according to SM, Jacob is a shape-shifter, not a werewolf. It was kind of random, though...

Erin said...

I watched it, and my only thoughts were:

1) sooooo melodramatiiiiic. oh my gooshhhhh.

2) Jacob = HOT. Dude, seriously.

Priya said...

Completely agree with everything. Especially the hairdresser part. I HATE Edward's hair.

maya ganesan said...

Hehe....didn't like the trailer. One bit.

Edge said...

Judi: I am serious. And please, you go for Edward, just be ready to fight off the other 2.4 billion females in the same situation...

Madison: A-men. There is so, SO much to life outside boys. And I guess I missed that point about werewolves vs. shape shifters...I guess a lot of people (including myself) mixed them up =P.

Erin: :D Yesss. He is gorgeous. :D In a different way than Fedora Kid (muahaha).

Priya: With a burning passion.

Maya: Pretty much the only part I cared for was Jacob, all four and a half seconds of him.

Madison said...

It was in Breaking Dawn. It's like "Werewolf werewolf werewolf--shape-shifter! Wait. What?" Not well done at all.

I'm just so glad that Taylor gets to ditch that horrible wig from the first movie...and I'm glad that Jake's in NM a lot...(Yes, I am a teenage girl, and yes, sometimes, I enjoy it immensely.)

Judi said...

I'm not real worried about the other 2.4 billion females ready for him...some are over 30.
But..we could work as a team. Since you don't even like Twilight, you could let Jasper eat Bella. Then I could have Edward.
*Gasp* They'll never see it coming.

Edge said...

Madison - Mmmhmmmmmmm, I agree on all counts :D.

Judi - You may be too late. I have a friend who's visiting Forks today, and I told him to spear Edward with a stake.

Judi said...


*shrivels up and dies*

Milly said...

Totally agree.

Odie~Heart to God~Heart to Music said...

4. Hmmmm now who would that be?

Edge said...

Judi - Mmhmmm, and the world will be a better place.

Milly - Yay :)

Odie - duhhhhhhhh! =P