Sunday, October 26, 2008

So there! A safe haven.

I refuse to post about Proposition 8, because people have argued both sides (for the most part) eloquently and respectfully. Thank you, those who were completely firm and respectful. It's a delicate balance. So that's all I have to say about Prop 8, because I've said my piece on others' blogs.

So...quite honestly, I am stalling to avoid reading acts 4 and 5 of Romeo and Juliet. I've already read the play four times in the last two weeks, but the Dreaded Shakespeare Midterm comes upon me. I am doomed. Oh well.

One of the girls on my floor made cupcakes a couple days ago. That, along with the renegade cupcake posts by Cuileann, have made up my mind: This next weekend, I will bake something. The only problem is that I can't decide what cupcakes to bake! There are so many delicious-sounding (and looking) ones on her blog. It may come down to the highly scientific art of eeny-meeny-miny-mo. (Is there standardized spelling for eeny-meeny-miny-mo? Or does everyone have a personalized version?)

Q posted recently about Brandon Sanderson. Check out his website - there's a free e-book which you can download. Warning, there are a couple PG-13 moments, but they are brief. If I was writing the book (and if I was talented enough to write the book), I would probably have changed those moment a bit, but as I said, they're rather brief, and don't occur much. This is the link: I read the whole thing in one night. Yes, I realize it's something like 600 pages. I was bored. I couldn't read Shakespeare anymore. So I downloaded it. It took a few hours, but oh, how I enjoyed it...

*weeps and signs off, condemning self to Romeo's ramblings*


Judi said...

Ah...Romeo and Juliet...i liked their story..
And 600 pages in a night?? My goodness...that's alot..was it good??

~Firefly~ said...

I'm so sick of Romeo and Juliet. I had to read that one 4th quarter last year in humanities. Can you just imagine weeks of reading that book aloud in class... Nay, (lol) acting it OUT? Teenage boys and Shakespeare just don't mix. It goes against nature... I practically died from all the monotone and stumblings. Says boy in really monotone horrible unexpressive and obviously bored voice, "Thus with a kiss I die."

Yeah. It was torture.

So have fun! :D

Edge said...

Judi: I do too, but reading it so much in a short time period...
Was it good?
Do you think I'd read 600 pages if the first 100 weren't good? :-)

Firefly: *cringes* "Thus with a kiss I die." I don't know if melodrama or no drama would be worse. I'm sorry for your suffering. If it had been a class of people who wanted to enjoy it and be dramatic with it...wouldn't that be fun? Maybe I should start that class :p

Q said...

Yeah, Brandon Sanderson does get violent, but from what I've read of his (I haven't read Warbreaker yet; I'm waiting for it to come out in book form), he's fairly tactful about other things and he doesn't swear much. Did you like it?

I actually adore R&J as a play, but the main characters drive me crazy.

Edge said...

Q: I quite enjoyed it. I'd call it a mild PG-13, definitely. Warbreaker is built on an extremely interesting premise, and the world he created felt real - fantastical, but certainly with a dark side.

Romeo bugs me. He needs to speak 'tighter', I suppose. Fewer words. And Juliet bothers me because she's so smart in some ways, but not in loving Romeo so quickly. I could go on and on with that, though.

cuileann said...

YAY for free e-books! Such a boon to college students.

And I'm super excited that you're going to have a cupcake adventure! addition to the ones I've posted about and The Lost Cupcakes, I can tell you about (if they strike your fancy):
-rose-cardamom cupcakes
-red velvet cupcakes
-super-rich vegan chocolate cupcakes
-carrot cupcakes
-cantaloupe caramel cupcakes
-that s'more concoction I said I'd send you a recipe for

Delaney said...

Ugh, Romeo's ramblings... ugh. ;) And I'm giggling about teenagers acting out Romeo & Juliet... For some reason I really really like that play, but I hate the characters and story. I guess the language is just appealing to me, and I love the feuding scenes for some odd reason.

Q said...

Brandon Sanderson creates unique worlds. I have never read anything like what he comes up with, and that is truly astounding to me. He's amazing.